How To Overcome A Dissed-Appointment

I’ve always been told that life is full of disappointments. You can’t escape it. Wherever you go, whatever you do, disappointments will always follow you. Okay..that sounds a bit dramatic, but come on let’s be real, it is a HUGE part of life.

Do you remember that time as a kid, when your parents would promise to take you to your favourite restaurant and you eventually end up eating a boring dinner at home? Or the first time that you ordered something online and it turned out to be completely different from what you thought it would be?

The above scenarios are perfect examples of one word that goes very well with disappointments…expectations!

If life is full of disappointments, then life should also be full of expectations.

If life is full of disappointments, then life should also be full of expectations. Every day, every hour, every minute and oh yes every second, we are in full expectation.

Whether this is as minor as waiting for a text reply or as major as hoping not to get crappy gifts for Christmas… (hopefully not again THIS year) We are mostly disappointed when our expectation of something or someone else does not line up with what’s received in reality.

Furthermore, we are disappointed by our own choices. You know… that feeling that you’ve let yourself down.

If we can’t escape disappointments, how can we deal with them?

It’s funny how we hold others to standards; that we ourselves would never be able to measure up to. I am not saying that you should lower your standards, nope, certainly not. However, expecting less from others might actually soften the pain.

And maybe we should just learn how to love and give without expecting the same in return. At least we can hold on to this –  With every ‘dissed-appointment’, comes a new appointment… a better appointment… hopefully one day!

Sarah Johnson

Sarah is Founder and Editor of IAMICareer. She currently holds a BA of Commerce and has a strong background in Marketing. Sarah is passionate about seeing millennials thrive in career and the workplace and is dedicated to helping millennial women bridge the gap between university and the corporate world.