How To Make The Most Of Being Unemployed

How to make the best out of being unemployed

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Have you heard of the saying ‘every season has its blessings’? This is quite difficult to accept if you’re in the ‘jobless’ (or unemployed) season isn’t it? You’ve applied for about fifty job roles, gone for five interviews and all you’ve received in return is rejection. Where is the blessing in that?

Hey, I understand! Rejection is not fun. And even though you might feel like you’ve hit rock bottom, in Aaliyah’s own words ‘dust yourself off and try again’. Because whether you accept it or not, being unemployed really has its blessings too. Yes, things might seem very uncertain, however, even in this period you can strategically position yourself and make the best out of being unemployed.

Here’s what you need to do:

Avoid negative thinking

When it comes to applying for jobs and going to interviews, attitude is very crucial. Negative thoughts and thinking can harm your job search as it has an effect on both your attitude and confidence. Stop entertaining negative people who make you feel bad (whether consciously or unconsciously) for not having a job yet. Spend time at the gym and in between your job search keep yourself busy with things you love to do.

Also keep in mind that, the longer you’re unemployed the more negative thoughts will try to creep in. All you need, especially in this season is positive vibes. Don’t allow anxiety or depression to stop you from living your everyday life. After all, your life (and health) is worth much more than a job.

Perfect or learn new skills

Yes, you might be unemployed but that doesn’t mean you have to act like it. Get in the habit of keeping yourself busy. Make a conscious decision to learn and do new things. Learning new skills will enhance your career and it will also benefit you in many other ways. According to research, learning new skills improves your memory over time and it keeps your brain sharp and active. Scan through your CV and pick out the skills that you might want to improve. Also, the internet offers a lot of resources when it comes to learning new things. You can find great video’s on YouTube that will teach you how to design, build a website, learn a new language and so on. And guess what?! It’s for free.

Get a side hustle

Not sure whether you’ve noticed, but these days everyone seems to be talking about ‘a side hustle’, and I’m loving it. If you have a dream of one day starting your blog, business or bringing to life that idea you’ve had for years. Now, is the time to get cracking. If there’s no opportunity knocking at your door, create your own. Make your own money.

For example, take a good look at your room (or house), I bet there are quite a lot of things that you don’t use anymore which you could easily sell on eBay, Amazon, Gumtree etc. If you’re really good at fixing people’s hair, or awesome at designing web graphics, start offering your services to the public. Also, if you have a passion for writing, why not start your own blog? Let’s be honest, when you get back into full-time employment, you would have to strategically divide your time. This means getting disciplined in having early mornings or get used to working late hours – So make use of all the extra time you have now.

Sarah Johnson

Sarah is Founder and Editor of IAMICareer. She currently holds a BA of Commerce and has a strong background in Marketing. Sarah is passionate about seeing millennials thrive in career and the workplace and is dedicated to helping millennial women bridge the gap between university and the corporate world.