Who We Are

IAMInspiration (IAMI) is an online community and inspirational movement, Founded in May 2016. We are on a mission to inspire graduates and millennial women of all backgrounds in career, business and the corporate workplace.

By sharing real career and inspiring stories, career advice and tips, you will be inspired to be an inspiration.

Believe It, Confess It, Become It

You first have to believe it than confess it, so that you can become it ~ IAMInspiration

Our Story

After graduating from University, our Founder, Sarah Johnson decided to immigrate from the Netherlands to the UK to pursue her dream career in Marketing. As a recent graduate pursuing her professional career, Sarah found herself struggling to adjust to the corporate workplace. After a year of dealing with her frustrations, Sarah realised that her passion for Marketing was not the problem. She was just not so passionate about corporate life.

From that moment Sarah decided to create a balance by discovering both her passion and purpose at a time when she felt uninspired. She realised that pursuing her dream career was not just about her, but about impacting the lives of the people around her. That's where the ultimate fulfilment in life comes from.

Since then Sarah has made it her aim to inspire millennial women and help them pursue their dream career and be an inspiration while doing it

IAMIcareer Sarah Johnson

"I look forward to the day where every girl can truly be confident and say, I Am Inspiration” ~ Sarah Johnson