The Millennial Career Girl

 For Millennial Women In The Modern Corporate Workplace

IAMInspiration (IAMI), also known as IAMICareer is an online community and inspirational platform that aims to inspire millennial women of all backgrounds in career and business. IAMI is the place for millennial career girls who are trying to find their way in the corporate world. We believe that your passion and purpose go hand in hand with your career path and the confident girl you need to be at your workplace.

We want to help every millennial woman understand that you are born to play a significant role in your generation. Therefore, you cannot afford not to become who you were destined to be.

IAMI shares real stories on how to survive and thrive in the corporate world. We share the untold stories of millennial women with the hope to inspire, encourage and motivate.

So have you dealt with challenging situations like:

– Not knowing how to manage or balance your career and personal life;

– Office bullying and office politics

– Challenging workplace scenarios

We have gone through it too!

 Also, our Girl Squad will teach the millennial career girl how to:

– How to stop going through the motions

– How to use your gifts, ideas, and talents to inspire

– Why your passion and career work together

– How to be the best you at your job

– When it’s time to change career path

– How your career shapes you to live out and fulfill your purpose.

Our Mission and Vision

Mission: Inspire millennial women to pursue their dream career and live out their purpose and be an inspiration while doing it.

Vision: We are looking forward to the day where every ‘Millennial Career Woman’ regardless of her race, background or ethnicity can be confident and say “I Am Inspiration”