Dr. Ebenezer Laryea

Dr. Ebenezer Laryea is a Legal Scholar, Law Lecturer and great Public Speaker, who is committed to advancing the long range interests of Ghana through Education.

Christy Wright

Christy Wright is the creator of Business Boutique, a Certified Business Coach and a Ramsey Personality with a passion for equipping women with the knowledge and steps they need to successfully run and grow a business.

Nirvana Wright

Nirvana Wright is a London-based Psychology graduate, Marketing enthusiast and Lifestyle and Career blogger. Avid gym-goer and foodie, who's just as passionate about Organisational / Business Psychology as she is about travelling the world, and one day landing the job of her dreams!

Your International

Your International is a translation company founded by millennial language lovers and content writers in The Netherlands. As a start-up, Your International makes it their aim to share the best tips and real ups and downs of starting a new business.